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Ripped Jeans

Posted by Big Boo on July 14th, 2010

Ripped JeansAs time flies along, it brings with it certain fashions and trends which are embraced by the current generation of young people, yet which are looked on in horror by their parents. Some of these are perhaps understandable – imagine being a parent when such fashion items as the Bikini or the Mini Skirt were first introduced.

One fashion trend of the Eighties which caused consternation between the younger and older generations was the idea of Ripped Jeans. These may not have been as bodily revealing as the Bikini or Mini Skirt (unless you got very carried away with the scissors) but they causes differences in opinion for two main reasons.

The first reason was fairly obvious. Why would you even consider wearing a pair of trousers that had a hole in? Surely you would either patch them up or throw them away, depending on the size of the hole, said the oldies.

The second reason was the “waste of money” one. What was the point in buying a brand new pair of jeans only to cut and rip holes in them, or worse still, why would you buy a brand new pair of denim jeans costing twice the price of a normal pair, just because they had holes in?

As with all such fashion trends though, the kids didn’t listen to the grown ups, and before long every fashion conscious youngster was wearing them.

Whilst ripping the jeans yourself was always an option, it was frowned upon by the fashionistas. This was because there’s a bit of an art to creating the rips so that they look good. Just cutting with scissors is not the way to go, so you really do have to get in there and tear a hole, which is easier said than done if you want it to be a certain size.

Several approaches are possible, from just trying to wear the jeans out so they rip naturally (might take a while, and then will probably just be a hole in the knee, or worse still between the legs!) to using a variety of different tools including scissors, craft knifes, nail files, pumice stones and even cheese graters!

Actually, I suspect if you borrowed your Mum’s cheese grater to make some ripped denims you’d probably just arm her with a third reason to add to the disapprovals mentioned above!

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