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Paper Fortune Tellers

Posted by Big Boo on July 21st, 2010

Paper Fortune TellerSo there you are bored senseless in double French, puzzling over just what it is that makes some objects masculine and others feminine (it always seemed so arbitrary to me) when you decide you can’t take it any more. What do you do?

Alright, so the first thing is you probably start drawing moustaches on Coco the Frog in your copy of Tricolore (or perhaps even something ruder, if you were really bored) but when you discover somebody else has already done most of the pictures in your copy what do you do then?

Answer! You rip a page out of your exercise book and make a paper fortune teller!

It’s amazing how much fun there was to be had from a folded piece of square paper. They took just a few seconds to fold, a couple of minutes to write on some fortunes, colours and numbers, and then you were set to be the next Russell Grant or Mystic Meg (and would probably be more accurate too).

To tell someones fortune you simply slotted the fortune teller onto your fingers and told them to pick a colour from the faces on show. You would then open and shut the fortune teller whilst spelling out the chosen colour. Next your victim client would choose a number from one of the inner flaps which you would lift up and read the fortune written underneath, which was invariably something like “You smell!” or “You love the school spanner“.

Great fun, that is until the French teacher caught you…

Don’t remember how to make this masterwork of origami? I must confess that I had forgotten, so here’s a little video showing you how to make one. Enjoy!