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Piglets Crisps

Posted by Big Boo on August 2nd, 2010

pigletsIt’s a little disheartening looking at the array of crisp packets on shop shelves these days. For the most part you can just get under filled packets of normal crisps in various flavours (probably too many flavours too be honest), over priced packets of “extra fancy” crisps and a handful of more interesting crisps such as Quavers, Skips, Frazzles, Monster Munch and Hula Hoops.

In the Eighties it was a different matter. The interesting crisps category had many more contenders. OK, they may have been variations on one of themes mentioned above, but the fact they were different funny shapes and sometimes unusual flavours meant that all still felt unique.

Once such crisp that is no longer with us, and indeed I can’t think of anything that is even remotely close to it, was Piglets. These were potato crisps (I think) in the shape of little pigs, but the best thing was they were three dimensional piggies, not just flat cut out shapes. The crisp itself was actually very thin, and had somehow been puffed up to make a little ball of crisp for the pigs body.

They came in smaller bags than your average packet of crisps, but the bags were absolutely ram packed with crisps, unlike todays pathetic portions.

I’m almost definite that the flavour I enjoyed most was called “Bacon and Bean”, but I’m sure there were other flavours available, I just can’t remember what they were.