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I Love Looking Like A Martian

Posted by Big Boo on September 11th, 2010

There are some truly useless things bought out some times which kids just adore, and what better example than the Deelie Boppers. Little more than a plastic headband with two ping pong balls on springs attached to it, for some reason there was a big craze for these when I was growing up.

Admittedly it was really the kind of thing you bought when going on a seaside holiday, so you could wear them whilst making sandcastles on the beach or whilst strutting your funky stuff at the evening Junior Disco at the holiday park.

So, did you own a pair of these useless items (useless of course unless you wanted to make yourself look like an alien, for which they were perfect).

Did you own a pair of Deelie Boppers?
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