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Mars Cool ‘Em Advert

Posted by Big Boo on September 22nd, 2010

mars cool em advertTodays choice of TV advert is one of those ones which has just stuck in my head for some reason due to the song in it. I may not be able to play an instrument or have a good singing voice, but I’m sure I’m not alone in finding that certain pieces of music just seem to lodge in my mind.

The advert in question is one for chocolate bars manufactured by Mars, including Milky Way, Marathon (yep, we hadn’t gone all global at this point), Bounty, Topic (they’re getting increasingly more difficult to find, and have disappeared entirely from the Celebrations mini chocs I believe) and of course the good old Mars bar itself.

The advert ran in the summer months and was intended to encourage you to eat the above chocolate bars during the summer months. “Are you crazy”, we all said, “it’s the summer, the chocolate will melt!” (yeah, right, this is the UK we’re talking about). “Ah! No!” came the man from Mars’ advertising agency’s reply, “put them in the fridge! Cool ’em, if you will!”

Cue several million hands slapping their owners foreheads. “Why didn’t we think of that!, we chorus. So we march to the shops, buy up all the chocolate bars we can get our hands on and stuff them into the fridge, grinning wildly as we think about the lovely chocolatey goodness to come.

One small flaw in this otherwise perfect plan though. If you’ve ever tried doing this yourself you’ll know the big drawback is that the innards of most chocolate bars tend to go super hard in the fridge. Nougat and caramel turn to concrete, yet the chocolate coating becomes a little more brittle. Bite in and your teeth get jammed into the innards, whilst most of the chocolate sprays off in shards all over the floor.

So much for that idea then…