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Fireball Jawbreakers

Posted by Big Boo on September 24th, 2010

Fireball JawbreakersThese gobstopper style sweets were lethal in many ways, but they did represent good value for money as you got three in a packet and they lasted ages! In no particular order here are the reasons why you had to be careful eating them.

Lethality 1: They truly deserved the name Fireball as they made your tongue start to burn not long after popping one in your mouth. I’m not sure what the ingredient was that made them so hot, but hot they most certainly were.

Lethality 2: These guys were also pretty big, at least for the average child sized mouth anyway. You could just be a baby and lick at them I suppose, but that would take forever to eat and what is the fun in that. No, you had to pop them into your mouth whole, moving them around to relieve your burning tongue and forever sucking to stop bucket loads of saliva dripping down your chin.

Lethality 3: As the name Jawbreaker suggests these sweets were also incredibly hard to bite into, but because there was a piece of bubble gum lurking in the centre of them you just couldn’t help but try to bite into them every so often. These sweets must have caused many an emergency dentist visit.

Lethality 4: Finally, as if the danger to your teeth wasn’t already bad enough, the fact they were sat in your mouth for so long generating sugary sweet spit meant that you probably weren’t helping your chances of avoiding a few more fillings.

They are still available today, as are their more tongue (but not tooth) friendly fruity flavoured cousins.