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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe

Posted by Big Boo on September 29th, 2010

cozy coupeWhat was the best selling car in America in 2008? A Ford perhaps? Maybe a Chevrolet. Nope, it was actually the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, which shifted nearly half a million in the US alone! OK, trick question, but I thought it was an interesting little nugget of information!

I certainly remember these from my childhood, although I never had one (instead I had a cool police pedal car instead). I did however recently get one for my daughter for her birthday, and she absolutely loves it.

The Cozy Coupe celebrated it’s 30th anniversary last year (it actually first went on sale in 1979) and to celebrate it has been given a little remodel and now boasts a large pair of comic eyes on the front, a licence plate (OK, a sticker) on the back, an ignition key, and, get this, a drinks holder!

Despite these new additions though it basically still looks exactly the same as it always has, and the picture above is from before the restyle. This classic design comprises a red plastic body, complete with a single opening door and petrol filler cap, and a yellow curved roof on yellow supports plonked on top.

Whilst it has a steering wheel, complete with one of those horns which most youngsters find a little too hard to operate, this isn’t used to control the direction of the front wheels – probably a good thing given the intended age of the driver. The front wheels are on metal prongs which allow them to rotate which ever way they need to.

You might be tempted to call it a pedal car, but unlike my afore mentioned police car it isn’t really since it doesn’t have pedals for propelling it. Instead it is driven by scooting the feet along the floor in a manner not dissimilar to that employed by Fred Flintstone. There’s also a helpful handle in the roof to make it easier for an adult to push the car around, which is what normally happens in the end (I speak from experience here).

The red and yellow version is undoubtedly the classic design, but there is now also the inevitable girl friendly pink version (although we went with the red one for my daughter) and a police car styled version as well. Just be prepared if you’re thinking of getting one for your little munchkin, they are a little awkward to build, as you have to screw into plastic with no prepared holes and the entry point is such that you can only really use one of those little stubby screwdrivers to do the job.

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