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Rainy Primary School Lunchtimes

Posted by Big Boo on October 1st, 2010

A Rainy DayWhen I look back at my days at Primary School one of the things that I always remember enjoying was when it was tipping down with rain at break and lunch time. Whenever it rained everyone would have to stay in the classrooms and find something to amuse themselves with, so here I present some of the things that were popular to do when it rained at my school.

Take a look and see if you remember doing any of these, and I’d love to hear of any other favourite ways of passing the time when it was raining you might have had.

Paper Aeroplanes: Making something that flies out of paper is always good to while away a few minutes, and wet lunchtimes usually saw a great many paper aeroplanes lying on the floor when lessons resumed.

Groups of friends would get together to see who could make the best looking or furthest flying plane, although it has to be said most people usually fell back on the good old reliable paper dart, perhaps with a little cut made at the back and the paper pushed up to form a tail fin.

Fortune Tellers: Sticking with the paper folding theme the Origami Fortune Teller was also a good time filler. Once you had made your own little future predictor you then went around the classroom telling as many people as possible that they either loved the kid who nobody liked, or that they smelled like poo. Ah, kids eh! What comedians!

Plasticene Play: Plasticene and Play Dough were also a popular choice, assuming some had been left out within easy reach of the pupils that is, which wasn’t always the case.

Whilst building models of things was always great fun one of the more interesting uses of Plasticene at my school was to make mazes. We had these boards for rolling out the Plasticene, so we would use these as a base and roll out lots of thin sausages of modelling clay, then pop these down on the board to create the walls of the maze.

Once completed, a small ball of plasticene, or a marble if there was one to hand, could then be rolled around the maze by tipping the board about.

Building Towers With The Maths Blocks: Did your primary school have a big box full of little 1cm x 1cm x 1cm wooden cubes? Ours did, their intended use being for helping with Maths school work – things like measurements, area, volume etc.

They may have been tiny, but it was still good fun trying to see how big a tower or how fancy a pyramid you could make out of them. Fun that is until some other kid came over and swiped them all over the floor, and the teacher then made you pick them all up again because you shouldn’t have been playing with them in the first place.

Trying To Watch The Big TV On Wheels: For the more mischievous, if the schools big wheel around TV happened to have been left out (a long shot admittedly, but it sometimes did happen) then trying to switch it on and find a TV station was another way of passing time.

This was never as easy as it sounded though, because most of the time there was no aerial, so reception was always going to be poor, but quite often the only channel ever tuned in was the one which the video recorder was hooked up to.