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Photo Stories

Posted by Big Boo on October 13th, 2010

Photo StoryPhoto Stories may not be a product of the Eighties (I believe girls magazines such as Jackie were running them as far back as the Sixties and possibly earlier) but they certainly went through a wave of popularity back then.

Your average Photo Story is little more than a comic strip presented with photographs rather than hand drawn images. Speech and thought bubbles, and other related captions, are superimposed over these images to provide the dialog and inner thoughts of the characters in the story.

Photo stories were especially popular in teenage girls magazines as they were an easier way of depicting stories that their readers would find interesting. They also felt more grown up than hand drawn art work, which given that the subject matter of a lot of these stories was that of “Who’s that dishy guy” or “I’ve got a crush on him” made a lot of sense.

Whilst girls magazines inevitably come straight to mind when thinking of this style of comic strip, they were by no means limited to just this area. Some of the boy orientated comics also featured photo stories, the most notable I can think of being Doomlord from The Eagle, but I have a feeling there may have been some in the football related comics too from time to time.

I’m presuming teenage magazine still carry these stories today, but one sure place to find one is in tabloid newspapers. The Sun’s Dear Deirdre’s Photo Casebook features in the papers Agony Aunt pages, although I’m convinced that the only reason it’s there is to give The Sun even more excuses (as if they needed them) to print pictures of scantily clad women (and men).