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Just a Bit of Bent Metal?

Posted by Big Boo on October 30th, 2010

It’s funny how crazes for odd pieces of tat sweep the nation. These things come along and people go mad for them, despite the fact they are general useless. Think of Big Mouth Billy Bass, the singing fish, or those Dancing Hamsters (which I have to admit was one of the crazes I got swept up with…)

Another such craze from the Eighties (at least I’m pretty sure it was the Eighties) was for those metal balancing ornaments. Normally made from a few pieces of thick stainless steel wire bent into shapes and soldered together, with a few ball bearings to provide much needed weight, these things would rock, tilt, roll and spin seemingly for ever, so much so that they were often compared to perpetual motion devices (though of course they weren’t even close to achieving that).

Do you remember these? There were quite a few different designs, and were the kind of thing that was popular in gift shops, especially those is seaside towns. Did you ever have one?

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