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Ferrero Rocher

Posted by Big Boo on January 12th, 2011

Ferrero Rocher“Ambassador, with these Rocher you are really spoiling us!”

Any article about Ferrero Rocher would be incomplete without the above immortal line and a picture of a giant pyramid of those golden balls, so I thought I might as well get those bits out of the way to start off with!

Introduced in 1982, and despite (or perhaps because of?) some truly terrible advertising, Ferrero Rocher have somehow managed to become the after dinner party treat of choice, usurping previous king the After Eight mint. If you want to give a little gift to a more discerning person, somehow Ferrero Rocher seem to fit the bill perfectly.

To be fair, they are actually quite nice to eat, with their perfectly roasted hazelnut, crispy outer shell and that lovely gooey creamy stuff in the middle. They do give off a certain air of luxury, especially with their elegant gold foil presentation, but the thought of that TV commercial is still never far away, is it?

I can’t leave you without that advert though, can I? Here it is (with an added laughter track for some reason, but it does appear to be the real thing), and you can relive that Ambassador’s party all over again. When the elegant music kicks in as the butler appears with his tray of chocs, you’ll be launched right back to the Eighties, but note that the “Ambassador” quote I used at the start of this article, which is used by everyone, is actually a mis-quote! It’s actually, “Monsieur”, not “Ambassador”.

But if you think that advert is corny, have you seen the new one that’s been doing the rounds recently? Ferrero Rocher are no longer merely the chocolate of choice for the elite of the world, but they are actually presumably the real source of Ambrosia (no, not the custard) that the Greek Gods were so keen on…