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Baileys Irish Cream

Posted by Big Boo on February 11th, 2011

baileysOK, this isn’t one that would have been aimed at a Child of the 1980’s, more an Adult of the 1980’s, but it certainly has a bit of an Eighties vibe about it.

The Eighties was a decade that saw some people striving to try and make themselves look more “middle class”, for want of a better way of putting it. People started to live the Yuppie (Young Upward Mobile) lifestyle, and as well as carrying around a Filofax they liked to host dinner parties for their friends, and Baileys Irish Cream soon became an instant part of the make up of such an evening, along with Ferrero Rocher or After Eight mints.

Baileys first came onto the market in 1974, and though the bottle may say it was created by a certain Andrew Bailey of the R.A. Bailey Company, this is nothing but a big marketing lie. Baileys was however the first of the Irish Cream liqueurs, a mix of alcohol and cream along with some other flavoursome ingredients including chocolate and vanilla.

Cleverly the cream doesn’t go bad thanks to the alcohol acting as a preservative, although the shelf life of a bottle is officially listed as 30 months. Not that that will probably be of too much concern to most people as Baileys is one of those alcoholic drinks that is very easy to drink!

Baileys has since been imitated by a number of alcoholic beverage makers, but it is still undoubtedly seen as the cream of the crop, if you’ll pardon the rather obvious pun. In more recent years there have also been new flavours of Baileys released, including mint chocolate and caramel, and there was also a short lived attempt at creating a Baileys based alcopop, called Baileys Glide.

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