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Pound Puppies

Posted by Big Boo on March 11th, 2011

Pound PuppiesOne of the most successful toy lines of the 1980s was the Cabbage Patch Kid, and whilst the toy itself was undoubtedly the main draw for young children, its appeal was boosted by the gimmick of having each doll come with an adoption certificate, supposedly making the young owner the legal guardian of the doll.

Unsurprisingly this idea didn’t go unnoticed for long, and soon other toy manufacturers were doing similar things in order to make their toys seem that little bit more desirable to kids. The Pound Puppies range is one such line of toys that repurposed this idea and perhaps helped make the toys more popular than they might otherwise been.

The Pound Puppies were soft toy dogs who, to be honest, looked more than a little sorry for themselves. They were made in a lying pose, with their legs coming out of the sides and their head resting on the floor too, just like a real dog lying on the floor having a snooze. They had big floppy ears (a bit like a Bassett Hound) and had a rather bored looking expression on their faces.

They came in a range of different colours, some just plain in colour and others with spots, and to prove they were a real Pound Puppy had an embroidered heart with a “PP” logo on stitched on to their hind quarters.

The range was later joined by a selection of Pound Puppies who came with a number of smaller, similar looking dogs which were the Pound Puppies’ Puppies, if you see what I mean. For those who preferred feline friends to canine there were also the Pound Purries, which were similar in nature except they were obviously cats.

As with most successful toy lines there was a cartoon series and animated films made based on the toys, although the continuity between the two series of the cartoon and the feature film leave a lot to be desired.

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