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The Country Life Butter Men

Posted by Big Boo on March 14th, 2011

The Country Life Butter MenOver the last couple of years the controversial Sex Pistol John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) has been advertising Country Life butter and has helped put the brand back on people’s shopping lists, but back in the Eighties this particular brand was being advertising by four men made from the stuff.

There were four Country Life Butter Men, though there were no real distinguishing features between them and they looked pretty much identical. They were presumably made from butter since they were seen to live within a packet of the dairy product in question.

The adverts featured the four Butter Mens singing a song in West Country accents, which always made them sound like they were being forced by The Wurzels (though whether that is the case or not I really don’t know). The lyrics to this song will forever be etched into my subconscious, and they went like this…

Oh, we are the lads from Country Life
And you can’t put a better bit o’ butter on yer knife
If you haven’t any in ‘ave a word with yer wife
And spread it on yer toast in the mornin’

It’s Country Life, it’s English too,
From the cow to the dairy, from the dairy down to you,
‘Cos it’s pure and fresh and creamy through and through,
So spread it on yer toast in the mornin’

I used to love this advert as a kid, although now I think about it it does seem a little strange that four men made out of butter would be so keen for you to go and buy the butter and eat it, and even stranger when those four men are seen eating toast with Country Life on themselves, as happened in some of the other adverts in which they featured.