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Pop-Up Pirate

Posted by Big Boo on March 25th, 2011

Pop-Up PirateBoardgames tend to come in two varieties, those that take forever to play (yes, I’m looking at you Monopoly) and those which are over in but a few short minutes, such as the subject of today’s post – Pop-Up Pirate.

Pop-Up Pirate was created by Japanese toy company Tomy, with it’s original name being Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu, which apparently means Blackbeard in Danger. I think I prefer the name we ended up with to be honest!

As the name suggests the game features a little plastic buccaneer who sits inside a big brown barrel. Players are armed with some little plastic swords which they take turns poking into holes in the side of the barrel, a bit like a magician sticking swords into a magic cabinet containing his glamourous assistant.

One of the holes will cause the little pirate chap to leap out of the barrel, as if the sword has come into contact with his wee little pirate backside. Whichever player causes this to happen is out, and the whole game starts again until only one player remains.

I’m always reminded of games like Jaws and Buckaroo! whenever I think off Pop-Up Pirate, I guess because they all involve a sudden surprise event happening which signals the end of the game.

The game is still available in its original form, and because it takes so little time to play you can be sure that even those with the shortest attention span will manage to last out to the end of the game. There have also been other versions, including a Star Wars themed one with Darth Vader taking the place of the pirate. Quite why Darth Vader would be hiding in a barrel though I don’t know…

Bringing the collection bang up to date there is now also a version of the game which doubles as a 4-port USB hub, great for passing time during slow periods at the office!

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