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Real Transformers On Their Way!

Posted by Big Boo on April 1st, 2011

Real Transformer?The Transformers toy range is one that most people will be familiar with, either through the toys themselves, the cartoons or the more recent Hollywood movies or one of the many other forms of entertainment they have been adapted to. There’s no denying it’s a really cool concept, and it appears it’s one that may actually be about to become reality.

Boffins in America (no, not Japan as you might have expected) have released news that they have a working prototype of a real Transformer, that can transform from robot mode into a drivable car in the blink of an eye. Not only can the car drive around, it is also possible for the robot mode to walk, albeit with a bit of a stuttering pace at this stage, though the makers are working on this.

Not convinced, check out the video clip of it in action below…

OK, so it’s just a bloke in a suit, and the top of the car doesn’t sit nicely with the wheels when in car mode, but you have to admit it is very clever. A bit sad perhaps, but clever. Given today’s date I couldn’t resist stringing you all along though… 😉

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