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Meow Mix

Posted by Big Boo on April 8th, 2011

Meow MixNow here’s another classic TV advert that’s right up there in cheesy stakes with the Shake ‘n’ Vac ad. I remember the first time I saw it the whole family were watching TV, and every single one of us was rolling on the floor laughing at it. Even the family dog loved it, and was sat there watching intently nodding her head from side to side.

The advert in question is for a cat food called Meow Mix, and it simply consists of a cute little cat singing about what she likes to have for her dinner. Whilst the cat has unsurprisingly been dubbed with a human voice, all that human voice actually ever sings is “Meow”, and instead the translation of what the cat is singing about appears at the bottom of the screen karaoke style, complete with little bouncing ball.

By far the best bit though is when the voice over man tells us all about how great Meow Mix is, yet you can still hear the dubbed cat singing along with real feeling in the background.

Not much more too say about it really other than it’s an awesome ad, and one of the first examples that I remember seeing of playing a piece of film backwards and forwards repeatedly to give the effect that an animal is able to talk like a human. Check it out below…

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