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Hubba Bubba

Posted by Big Boo on April 18th, 2011

Hubba BubbaI’ve never been good at blowing bubbles with bubble gum. It’s just something I can’t seem to do, no matter how hard I try. My only explanation for this is that I’m one of those people who can’t curl their tongue up at the sides, which I seem to recall was used as an example of genetics when I did Biology at school.

However, bubble blower or not, I still enjoyed the odd piece of bubble gum to chew on now and again, and Hubba Bubba was most definitely one of the nicer varieties available. A lot of bubble gum either tasted bad or was very hard to get chewing (or both), a good example of this being Bazooka.

Hubba Bubba was different, in that it was fairly soft from the very first chew, and all the different varieties of it had a pleasant and long lasting taste. Each packet contained five pieces, which were of a fairly decent chunky size. It was also supposed to be really good for blowing bubbles (not that I can vouch for that) since it’s slogan was “Big bubbles, no troubles“.

Not only was the bubble blowing ability referenced by the Hubba Bubba slogan, but also the fact that the gum wasn’t as sticky as other bubble gums, so if a bubble popped when you were blowing it, it didn’t get horribly stuck to the sides of your face when it exploded.

There have been a number of different flavours of Hubba Bubba over the year, although I believe the stalwart flavours that seem to stay around are Strawberry, Cola and Apple.

Over the years there have also been several other Hubba Bubba products, such as bubble gum filled with a syrupy centre, mini gumballs and perhaps oddest of all, a log thin tape of chewing gum which you can unravel and bite off however much you fancy.

I also remember that my sister even had a Hubba Bubba doll when she was younger. It had a little pink balloon in it’s mouth that you could inflate by pumping on one of the arms. At least, that was what was supposed to happen, I never actually remember it working very well, so the doll always looked like it had it’s tongue sticking out instead.