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Meg and Mog

Posted by Big Boo on May 4th, 2011

Meg and MogI remember my sister getting a copy of Meg and Mog when she was quite young (probably four or five) and it became one of her favourite books for her big brother to read to her, before she could read it herself.

Meg is a witch who dresses in typical witch fashion, with a big black cloak and tall pointy hat, and travels in typical witch fashion on a broomstick. She has the typical witch pet too, a rather scraggy looking black cat called Mog, who accompanies Meg on all her adventures. There’s also an owl, named Owl, who also lives with Meg and Mog, but being the wise bird he is doesn’t always get involved with Meg and Mog’s outings.

In the first book we see Meg and Mog arise from bed on Halloween (in the night of course, she is a witch after all), have their “breakfast” and then set out to meet the rest of Meg’s coven to cast a midnight spell, which sadly ends badly for the other witches, as they all get turned into frogs!

The Meg and Mog series began in the Seventies, but several titles were published in the Eighties and Nineties too. The books were written by Helen Nicoll and illustrated by the hard to pronounce Jan PieÅ„kowski. Meg and Mog are drawn in a very simple cartoon style, with a lot of block colour in the surroundings to make up for the fact that Meg and Mog are drawn in bold black and white throughout, with a splash of yellow for Mog and Owl’s eyes.

There have now been almost twenty Meg and Mog stories released, with a host of other activity books and such like too. In the Eighties Meg and Mog was even turned into a stage play featuring Maureen Lipman as Meg, and later a cartoon series too.

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