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Posted by Big Boo on June 17th, 2011

CornettoDo you remember how as a kid there were some sweets and snacks that your parents would buy you normally, but others were considered a treat? Notice how quite often it also coincided that whenever you were allowed to have one of those “treat” items, you’re parents were likely to have one as well?

A good example of this in our family was the Cornetto ice cream. Back in the Eighties the Cornetto was a new idea still, and as such was often twice the price of other ice creams. If my parents weren’t having an ice cream then I would probably be allowed a Lemonade Sparkle or if I was lucky a Walls Feast (yummy), but Cornettos were generally off limits unless they were having one too.

I certainly used to enjoy having a Cornetto when allowed though, and at the time I much preferred them to the standard Mr. Whippy style ice cream, or indeed the scoop of Soft Scoop Vanilla on a cone. I liked the way the ice cream went right to the bottom, so you didn’t have to worry about pushing the ice cream down the cone with your tongue to prevent having to eat half a dry cone on its own.

I recall there being four flavours originally, which in order of my own personal preference were Mint Choc Chip, Strawberry, Chocolate and Hazelnut and Rum ‘n’ Raisin.

Nowadays you tend to only get the first two of those flavours in the form of a bog standard Cornetto (or shop’s own equivalent) but over the years there have been several different fancier varieties made available, the most recent of which is the Cornetto Enigma, which has a streak of sauce running the length of the cone.

Aside from the price though, the other thing that made the Cornetto feel a bit posher than the average ice cream in the Eighties was the television advert. It featured a man and a woman riding in Gondolas in Venice, with the man singing what sounds like it should be a love song from the tune (the operatic song O Sole Mio) whilst the woman eats the Cornetto. That is until the bloke nicks it off her as he glides past. The song is of course now engrained in the UK mass conciousness forever. We all know it:-

Just one Cornetto
Give it to me
Delicious ice cream from Italy
Vanilla and chocolate dream
Give me Cornetto
from Wall’s ice cream

Though you’ll be excused for not knowing the “vanilla and chocolate dream bit” (I’m not even sure if that’s quite right to be honest) as it was a bit hard to make out. See if I’m right by watching it below…