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Water Pistols

Posted by Big Boo on August 1st, 2011

Water PistolOne toy that I’m sure most people must have had as a child is the good old fashioned water pistol. Those little hollow plastic guns that you fill with water to soak your mates have been around seemingly forever.

There’s something completely irresistible about these toys. Put them in the hands of even the biggest pacifist and the urge to pull the trigger whilst aiming it at somebody to give them a little squirting becomes near impossible to stop.

The fact that the average water pistol was made out of transparent plastic is also a master stroke, as it means a quick glance is all that is needed to see whether you should be planning a quick retreat to the nearest tap for a reload any time soon.

In my day you couldn’t get much more than a simple pocket money water pistol like the one that illustrates this post, but these days water pistol design has really gone to town with things like the Super Soaker range.

These new weapons of mass soaking boast vastly increased water tank capacity, with detachable bottles which you fill with water and then screw back onto the gun. Many also feature a pump facility which allows the gun to put the water under far greater pressure and thus increase your range and the power of the water jet immensely.

Whilst these new fangled guns may be a lot more cool (and have a higher price tag to match), there’s something reassuring about the fact that the good old fashioned kind still have one advantage over their bigger cousins – it’s far easier to do a stealth soaking as it’s possible to hide the gun far more easily behind your back!

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