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Archive for August, 2011

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Free FaceMaker iPhone/iPod/iPad App Now Available

Posted by Big Boo on August 5th, 2011

FacemakerOne of the most popular posts on this very site has been the one I made a few years back about Wooly Willy, which was a pocket money priced toy that let you become a hair stylist by moving iron filings around with a magnet over a picture of a bald man.

It was the sort of toy that could have conceivably been given away free as cover mounted gift on a comic book, so I thought why not bring this idea bang up-to-date. Since I can’t physically stick a free gift to this website using sticky tape I therefore present to you the FaceMaker iPhone/iPod touch/iPad App, which has been loving created for all you Apple device owners out there to download for free and spend many happy hours drawing silly hairstyles with.

You can even use it to give yourself, your family and friends (who may then become enemies of course) a new do, as you can draw on any picture from your image library or taken with the iPhone camera.

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School Holidays TV Line Ups

Posted by Big Boo on August 3rd, 2011

School Holidays TVToday most of us have access to a vast number of TV channels, whether that be through satellite TV, cable of even Freeview. This means that most kids are already accustomed to having entire channels devoted to kids television running all day, every day. Things were different in the Eighties.

For part of the decade we only had three channels to choose from, and as kids we had to share these channels with all the other programmes intended for every other possible age group and interest. During term time this meant a couple of programmes for the very young around lunch time, and then a block of a couple of hours in the mid to late afternoon.

In the school holidays however, we considered ourselves lucky as both BBC1 and ITV would devote the entire morning to kids TV from around 9am onwards. This was a time when we would be treated to reruns of old cartoons, long running serials and the odd new show if we were really lucky.

Today then, I present to you my memories of watching TV in the mornings during the school holidays. Think of it as a very out of date page of the Radio Times or TV Times from the late Seventies and early Eighties.

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Water Pistols

Posted by Big Boo on August 1st, 2011

Water PistolOne toy that I’m sure most people must have had as a child is the good old fashioned water pistol. Those little hollow plastic guns that you fill with water to soak your mates have been around seemingly forever.

There’s something completely irresistible about these toys. Put them in the hands of even the biggest pacifist and the urge to pull the trigger whilst aiming it at somebody to give them a little squirting becomes near impossible to stop.

The fact that the average water pistol was made out of transparent plastic is also a master stroke, as it means a quick glance is all that is needed to see whether you should be planning a quick retreat to the nearest tap for a reload any time soon.

In my day you couldn’t get much more than a simple pocket money water pistol like the one that illustrates this post, but these days water pistol design has really gone to town with things like the Super Soaker range.

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