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One Cal

Posted by Big Boo on September 19th, 2011

One Cal Soft DrinksOne Cal was a range of soft drinks that, as the name suggests, only contained a single calorie per serving. In fact, I think the range even pre-dated the diet pop that most people would first think of, Diet Coke.

As the picture shows, One Cal was available in a number of different flavours. It would appear the old classics were catered for, so there was a cola, a lemonade, an orangeade and a limeade variety. There’s another yellowy-orangey coloured flavour there too, which for some reason I think may have been apple, not your usual fizzy drink flavour back in the Eighties.

I don’t think I ever tried it personally, though I do have a memory of asking my Mum for a can of it and she refused saying I wouldn’t like it. Looks like Mum was definitely right in this instance as it apparently wasn’t that great tasting, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth, which doesn’t surprise me given that diet drinks have always tended to taste poor in relation to their sugar laden, tooth rotting, full fat brothers.

Picture credit has to go to The Lost Continent website, as it was the only place on the ‘net that I could find a picture to illustrate this post.

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