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The Raccoons

Posted by Big Boo on September 23rd, 2011

The RaccoonsThe Raccoons was a Canadian cartoon that was shown on the BBC on Saturday mornings (and I’m sure it also occupied the 5.30 time slot before the Beeb started showing Neighbours at that time).

As the name suggests, it was about some Raccoons! They lived in a place called the Evergreen Forest, and the show primarily followed the fun loving and mischief making (though never in a bad way) Bert Raccoon. There to keep him out of too much trouble were his good friends Ralph and Melissa (also Raccoons), who were also husband and wife.

Between them the trio ran a newspaper called The Evergreen Standard, with Ralph as editor, Bert as reporter and Melissa the photographer. The newspaper was very important to the inhabitants of the Evergreen Forest as it helped thwart the plans of the nasty Cyril Sneer.

Cyril Sneer was a tycoon who was always trying to find some way to make a profit, and this usually involved the forest being threatened as part of his schemes. Cyril was an aardvark who was pink in colour and had a nose that looked something like a water tap. He was usually seen chomping on a half smoked cigar.

Cyril also had a son named Cedric, who was quite often the voice of reason that persuaded Cyril to back down from his latest destructive scheme. Because of this, whilst Cyril and the Raccoons were, I suppose, technically enemies (though that seems a somewhat strong word to use), Cedric was in fact a good friend of the Raccoons.

The show was made entertaining due to Bert Raccoons antics, and also those of Cyril Sneer for that matter, although most episodes also had a more serious message for the viewer, be that a lesson about life or something more ecological in tone.

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