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An Eighties Themed Tea Break

Posted by Big Boo on October 17th, 2011

Roland Rat MugPerhaps you’re sat reading this blog at this very moment with a mug of tea or coffee nearby. Take a quick glance at it. Is the mug looking a bit worse for wear? Chipped at the top but you still keep using it out of habit?

Maybe it’s time for a new receptacle for your choice of brewed beverage, and what better than a mug that has a bit of an Eighties theme, given you’re sat reading an Eighties themed website at this very moment?

To the rescue come Hawkin’s Bazaar yet again. They are one of my favourite places for things that you thought were no longer available, and at the time of writing they have a number of retro TV mugs available at the offer price of 2 for £15 (or £10 each).

These are no ordinary mugs though, as not only do they have pictures of some classic children’s TV characters, they also talk when you drink from them!

There’s one for Rat fans featuring Roland Rat Superstar, another of the Wombles from Wimbledon Common, one for Bagpuss and last but not least a whistling Clangers mug.