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Mr T Fancy Dress Costume

Posted by Big Boo on June 6th, 2012

If you spent any of your formative years during the Eighties then I’m pretty sure you would have been a fan of The A Team. The crack commando unit falsely imprisoned for a crime they did not commit (robbing the Bank of Hanoi during the Vietnam war apparently, bet you didn’t know that!) were essential viewing back then if you didn’t want to be an outcast in the school playground.

By far and away the most recognisable member of the squad had to be B.A. Barracus played by ex-wrestler Mr T. You simply could not have had the A Team without B.A. The fact he managed to look aggressive whilst dripping in more gold jewellery than Jimmy Saville was astounding, probably due in no small part to his trademark mohawk hair cut.

I was therefore more than pleased when the fancy dress costumes website Jokers’ Masquerade got in touch to offer me the chance of taking a look at one of their extensive range of costumes. I promptly took them up on their offer and a couple of days later a big box arrived containing their Mr T Fancy Dress costume.

The Mr T costume comprises four parts. The first is a padded top half which gives you an instant six pack and bulging biceps. The sleeves of the top finish with two denim cuffs each emblazoned with a shiny gold letter T. Velcro fasteners at the back of the neck and on the cuffs keep everything nicely in place.

Next is a pair of denim dungarees that feature a built in belt with another big golden T for the buckle. The dungarees again fasten at the front with velcro, but have two big fake golden buttons on the straps. One nice feature is that you can wear normal clothes underneath still if you wish as the dungarees feature holes on either side to allow you access to trouser pockets.

A generous length of gold sequins is included to replicate the gold chains worn by the man himself, although you might want to consider getting some more fake bling to complement this, since Mr. T was normally dripping in gold.

The final part of the package is probably the most important part of any Mr T fancy dress costume. The mohawk hair style is incredibly important so included is a brown rubber bald cap that has a stripe of black hair running along it. The hair on my cap looked a little flat to start off with thanks to being folded up in the packaging, but a quick tussling with a hair brush soon sorted that out.

All in all the Mr T costume seems like a very good product, being well made from quality materials. I was quite expecting the dungarees to be a bit on the thin side but they are actually made from a light weight denim that looks like it should more than cope with the rigours of the average fancy dress party and not immediately self destruct as soon as you leave the house.

I was also sent a rather cool blow up machine gun to add to the ensemble. Made from black plastic, with white printing to pick out some details, when inflated it looks surprisingly effective as it features triggers and a built in ammo clip, and is just the right size to tuck under your arm and make gutteral machine gun noises whilst pretending to shoot all the other fancy dress party guests.

All in all I heartily recommend the Mr T costume, but if you fancy dressing up as another favourite from your youth then there is a wide range of other 80s fancy dress costumes available from the Jokers’ Masquerade website.

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