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Archive for March, 2014

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Do You Remember?

Posted by Big Boo on March 18th, 2014

staticI came across this rather nicely put together web page called Do You Remember? the other day that contains a lot of nice 80s (and a few 70s) memories which I think you’ll probably enjoy. Lots of images and info about some classic old TV shows, but the thing that brought back the most memories to me was seeing the static image that appears whilst the page is loading. You don’t tend to see that on TVs any more, they usually detect there’s no signal and show a blank screen instead.

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Great Costume Choices from the 80s

Posted by Big Boo on March 6th, 2014

i-love-the-80sIf you are looking for the perfect 80s fancy dress costume, think “excess”. The 80s were the decade for over-the-top fashion, music and design. From thick mascara and heavy makeup to excessive jewelry, chains, mullets and punk rock fashion, this was the decade for over-indulgence and extremes both in terms of music and fashion.

A popular 80s costume can certainly include a tribute to the music scene of the time. Popstar fashion, such as Michael Jackson’s military style jacket, red Thriller jacket or the classic Billy Jean ensemble will bring an immediate retro look to your 80s costume. Other popstar costumes to consider include costumes recreating the looks of top popstars of the decade. From Madonna to White Snake, Blondie and U2, their unique styles are now popular retro looks.

Punk and new wave were other distinctive sounds and looks of the decade. Punk fashion was as unique as the music and you might want to consider the fact that many people who were into the punk lifestyle used clothing to make a statement. Choosing an authentic retro punk costume is easy. Typical punk fashion included motorcycle or combat boots, jeans that were often torn, bleached or distressed, heavy chains, leather skirts, leather jackets, studded leather bands and t-shirts of punk bands or with political statements.

With new wave 80s fashion costumes, the mix of punk, glam rock and mod culture are all rolled into one. Experimental new wave music used synthesizers, fast tempos, electronic productions and a great deal of diversity and this same diversity is epitomized in the new wave fashion of the 80s. Tailored clothing, skinny ties and guys in makeup were all part of the fashion scene.

Of course, there was a lot more going on the in 80s than just the changing music scene. Excellent costume choices to depict this decade include a Ronald Reagan costume, Karate Kid, Smurfs, Ghost Busters, Magnum P.I., Bluto from Animal House and many characters from other popular movies and television programs of the times.

Whether you want to dress as the iconic Madonna Virgin, Cyndi Laupner, the Golden Girls or an iconic 80s item, such as a Rubik’s Cube, choosing something to represent this decade can be fun and entertaining. Even if you aren’t considering a costume from the music scene, a classic 80s mullet can be used with a wide range of costume choices for an authentic retro 80s look.