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About This Site

Welcome to Child of the 1980’s!

As the name suggests, this site is dedicated to everything about growing up during this particular decade.

Our aim is to entertain you with memories of TV, film, music, toys, sweets, books and basically anything else aimed at kids, from pre-school to teenagers, during the 1980’s. Sometimes we may cover things that actually originate from a time outside of this period, but if you were a kid for any part of the 80’s, you’ll probably remember them.

If you weren’t around in the 1980’s, then we hope we’ll give you some idea of what you missed out on!

Big Boo Portrait About Big Boo

When the 1980’s dawned I was seven, so most of what I remember about my childhood took place in this wonderful decade. I have very fond memories of growing up watching some of the classic TV shows and enjoy reminding people of things they may have forgotten about, which was one of the reasons why I started this website in the first place.

Until the end of 2008 I was a videogame programmer by trade, so this site was really just a hobby and a chance for me to learn about Blogging and coding for the Internet!  I always find you learn more if you have a proper project to apply things to, and hopefully I’m providing some form of entertainment for people as a side effect, which can only be a Good Thing.  I have since quit the daily grind to become a stay at home Dad, looking after my beautiful daughter Kara.

You may have noticed that I have used some advertising and affiliate links on the site and now on the RSS and e-mail feeds.  These are intended in order to help towards paying my hosting costs, so please don’t hate me for it!

I hope you find something on this site that will make you smile, and if there’s anything you think I should include in the future feel free to drop me an e-mail at