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Chasing the Eighties

Posted by Big Boo on October 16th, 2008

Chasing the EightiesI wrote about this book a little while ago when I first found out about it coming out, but now I’m pleased to say I’ve had a chance to read it so thought I would provide a bit more detail and a bit of a review of it, so here goes!

The book details a road trip across America and Canada that took place in 2004.  Realising that his thirtieth birthday was just round the corner the author, Spencer Austin, decided it was time to bring to a close his fascination with the films and TV shows he loved whilst growing up in the 1980s.

Spencer felt the best way to do this was to take a three month tour of the North American continent taking in as many locations and interviewing as many people from the 1980s as he could, and the book is a chronicle of his adventures, which he shared with his friends Tom and Luke.  Tom was an amazing research machine who tracked down many of the people and places the trio wanted to visit (and a few that they didn’t), whilst Luke had a really nice camera and went along mainly for the ride.

Starting off in Toronto the boys first try (and fail) to arrange a meeting with Corey Haim, best known for his role in The Lost Boys.  And after they especially bought him a load of cigarettes too.  Whilst there though they do meet up with George R. Robertson, who played the Chief of Police in Police Academy and Stephanie Kaye, one of the actresses from Degrassi Junior High (a kind of Canadian Grange Hill).

After feeling like they were going to be arrested for being terrorists whilst entering the US, they travel to Cincinnati, and visit a Convent which was used for the filming of Rain Man, and then enter Chicago where many a John Hughes film was set, including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and The Breakfast Club.

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