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Archive for the ‘Saturday Survey’ Category

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How Much Pocket Money Did You Get?

Posted by Big Boo on June 26th, 2010

I’m sure you probably all had this conversation with your friends at school at some point in your life. Somebody would ask the question, “How much pocket money do you get?”.

This person normally either felt like they didn’t get as much as everyone else, and so wanted some ammunition to use against their parents in order to get a raise, or sometimes this person knew they got better than average, and wanted to show off.

For this weeks survey, I’d like you to think about how much you were given when you were around the early teenage years, since this is probably the time period when money became more important to you. C’mon, don’t be shy, it’s anonymous, unlike when the question was asked at school!

How much pocket money did you get each week during your early teenage years?
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Did You Care For A Care Bear?

Posted by Big Boo on June 19th, 2010

One of the post popular girls toys from the early eighties were Care Bears, who were a group of pastel coloured bears who lived up in the clouds and kept an eye on the people of Earth to make sure they kept on caring for each other.

OK, it sounds a bit sickly sweet as an adult perhaps, but for a generation of kids these were the must have toys for a period of their life.

The main range of toys divided into two groups. First there were the large cuddly toy versions, like a cute fluffy teddy bear but with an emblem embroidered on its white tummy. The other, more affordable range were the smaller plastic action figures, which also had a number of accessories including a car they could ride in and a sort of castle in the clouds.

So, this weeks survey then. Let us know if you owned any of the Care Bear toys?

Did you own a Care Bear?
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Rebuy on MP3?

Posted by Big Boo on June 12th, 2010

Sticking with a similar theme to last weeks survey, I’m asking the same question this week but with respect to music.

I was going to ask how many of your old vinyl albums you had rebought on CD, but given that for most the answer is probably going to be “most of them” or “a fair few”, and given that since the compact disc launched in the eighties, I figured that question was probably at least 20 years out of date!

Instead then I thought I’d see how many of you have gone download crazy and rebought everything on MP3 (or other similar format).

Approximately how many of your old vinyl albums and CDs would you say you've rebought on MP3?
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Rebuy on DVD?

Posted by Big Boo on June 5th, 2010

Last week’s survey was about when you last rented a movie (whether on videotape or on DVD) so I thought this week I’d go with a similar theme and ask about your habits with buying DVDs, specifically when it comes to rebuying a film on DVD which you already own on videotape.

Have you gone out and bought most of your video collection again on DVD? Have you bought a few select favourites or none at all, and still watch your old tapes? Vote below with what you consider to be the most appropriate answer.

And if you’re keeping up with technology, have you rebought a film on Blu-ray (or download) which you previously rebought on DVD which was in turn a repurchase of an old videotape? 😉

Approximately how many of your old pre-recorded videos would you say you've rebought on DVD?
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Do You Still Rent Movies?

Posted by Big Boo on May 29th, 2010

When I was a kid I always used to love the process of renting a movie. My sister and I would complain we were bored and wanted to rent a film, and after persistent nagging we would be driven down to the video rental store (which back then was always an independent store, not a chain like Blockbuster) by my Dad to choose a film.

We then wandered around the shop, gazing at the shelves trying to find a film we wanted to see. Often we wanted to see the latest big release, but more often than not were disappointed to find every copy was currently out on loan.

Once we had chosen a film (sometimes two if we couldn’t agree) we drove home again to watch it. Shows how much free time you had as a kid because we would normally manage to watch each film at least twice before we took it back to the shop the next day.

Flash forward to today, and I personally can’t remember the last time I rented a film. I’m not even a member of one of those postal DVD rental schemes that seem to be doing the rounds these days. When was the last time you rented a movie?

When was the last time you rented a movie?
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Madonna – Better Now or Then?

Posted by Big Boo on May 22nd, 2010

Madonna first made it big on the music scene in the Eighties, and she’s been in the charts (with the odd gap here and there) ever since. As the years have gone by she’s tried various musical styles and accompanied them with a wide range of fashion statements too. Who can forget her incredibly pointy bra cups for instance?

For this weeks survey then, I would like to know whether you prefer Madonna’s tracks from the Eighties (e.g. Like A Virgin or Holiday) or her more recent efforts (e.g. that dance track which completely ripped off the music from the Abba song Gimme Gimme Gimme – not that I’m trying to influence you or anything!).

Madonna - Better now or better in the Eighties?
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Bagpuss, The Mice, Yaffle?

Posted by Big Boo on May 15th, 2010

It may well have been made before the Eighties, but Bagpuss was one of my favourite TV programmes when I was little (and I must admit I’m still fond of that saggy old cat now).

The titular star, Bagpuss himself, had a number of friends who used to help him to fix the things that Emily, the little girl who owned Bagpuss (and bizarrely the shop in which he lived) had found and brought in to be fixed.

The most helpful of these were the Mice from the Mouse Organ, who actually did pretty much all the work really. Then there was Professor Yaffle, the carved wooden bookend in the shape of a woodpecker, who used to order the others about because he thought he knew best.

Finally there were Madeline the doll and Gabriel the toad, who sat on a high shelf and sang songs.

Which of these characters were your favourite? I find it hard to choose between the Mice and Yaffle personally…

Who was your favourite Bagpuss character?
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The Famous Secret Number of Crime Solving Kids Gang

Posted by Big Boo on May 8th, 2010

I wrote about the Red Hand Gang this week, which was about a group of kids who solve mysteries. There have been countless examples of this genre, from cartoons such as Scooby Doo and Captain Caveman, through books like the countless Enid Blyton examples, and then TV shows such as the afore mentioned Red Hand Gang.

These kids always seemed to come across villains left, right and centre, and were able to bring them to justice to boot, and all done only with the aid of their feisty canine chum (or caveman).

So, was anyone out there part of a crime solving kids gang? I’m guessing not…

Did you and your mates ever solve mysteries and bring villains to justice?
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